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Get philosophising

Curiosity is at the heart of Philosophy Lab. It’s for anyone in schools, institutions, and workplaces who share a curiosity about the big questions in life. Tough puzzles. Deep deliberation. Spirited exchanges. Through collaborative inquiry, you’ll come to understand yourself and others better. You’ll develop core skills in critical thinking. You’ll discover how exciting it is to philosophise.

I’ve just realised how big life is.

Fatima, year 5, Redlands Primary

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What we do

We structure group discussion around thought experiments. Thought experiments are puzzles beloved of philosophers. They’re a fun way to set about big questions. We analyse the puzzle, draw distinctions, and introduce rival views of some of the great philosophers to frame debate and to stimulate everyone to thoughts of their own.

The Philosophy Lab team are brilliant. They really stretch our students with some great thought experiments.

Chris Evans, Deputy Headmaster, Reading School

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What philosophy means to us

Philosophy is not so much a subject to learn as a skill to practise. It gives us ways of reasoning, thinking, and speaking. Philosophy opens minds.

Labs are well planned, engaging and thought provoking for the students.
The labs expose them to a range of different topics and challenge them to think rationally and critically about their preconceptions.

Woody Lewenstein, lead teacher, Kings’ College London Mathematics School

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What’s in a lab for you

Labs are innovative. Some of the questions are thousands of years old, but we put a new spin on them. Labs are not easy. You’ll come to the limits of your understanding, and that’s challenging. Labs are risky. You’ll be testing ideas. You’ll also be seeking out objections. We think that’s exciting.

These philosophy labs allow
me to think deeply and logically and allow me to challenge some previous biases I have held.

Leonard, year 13, Kings’ College London Mathematics School


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Who we are

We are a team of postgraduates and undergraduates led by the founding Director of Philosophy Lab CIC, Geraldine Ng. Philosophy Lab is a non-profit organisation that started as an outreach project in 2015 when she was a PhD student at Reading. We are running labs in several schools. They range from local comprehensives to two outstanding schools – Reading School, a grammar school, and Kings’ College London Mathematics School, a specialist free school.

The discussions give our students the opportunity to develop their skills of logical argument and deduction as
well as their ethical views.
Our students get a great
deal out of the labs and are overwhelmingly positive about the enrichment program.

Woody Lewenstein, lead teacher, Kings’ College London Mathematics School

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What makes Philosophy Lab different

Our program puts philosophy to practice and brings ideas to life. In schools, labs spur curiosity about the world we live in and expand young minds. In institutions and workplaces, labs offer an exceptional approach to personal development and team building.

Get involved in the most exciting intellectual adventure. Explore the questions, arguments, and values that matter to you. We'll tailor a set of labs to suit you. Get in touch with us.

I enjoy the labs because they make me really think!

Alexander, year 8, Little Heath Comprehensive



To ask a question, to find out more about our labs, or to book a free trial lab at your school or organisation, get in touch with us.